Saturday, July 26, 2008

My Angel

I saw you bright as a lark
chirping most of the time.
I found you cheerful
in the company of someone !

I just watched and watched
with awe and wonder
I feel butterflies in my stomach
whenever i saw u thus.

I am happy thinking that
you are happy
I followed every step of you,
knowingly and unknowingly !

When the music stopped and
the players exited,
when the lightning struck and
thunders roared in..

I found you desperate,
I found you wounded,
I heard your whimperings,
Oh why i want to cry with you??
Oh why my hands longed to cuddle you??

Do not tell me what happened
You are transparent to me
Hold on to me tight
I am your guardian angel

I am not fake but true
I waited for this day
I shall stay with you
As long as you need me !

My promises are not to break
I am ready to accept the blistered heart
I believe in miracles
Baby hold on to me tight !!


നിറങ്ങള്‍..colors said...

believing in angels and miracles..
its true..

നിറങ്ങള്‍..colors said...

cheerfuldays madangivaratte ...
payavarellam thirichuvaratte..

nee ennum cheerful avatte.!!

raadha said...

thnaku u nirangal..
keep visiting